Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do you believe in the 'doppelganger'?

That if you see your spirit double, you die.

Apparently something like that is said to be seen at Waverly Hills.Do you believe in the 'doppelganger'?
Yes, Within the folklore it is accepted that everyone has a doppleganger. If you see your own doppleganger, it is said to be an omen of your death, so they aren't commonly found. The story dates back as far as the Egyptians, and appears in cultures across the world.

However, most people choose to believe the doppleganger is just a fictitious figure, and in this sense no-one has a doppleganger
yes i do believe in the 'doppleganger" but you die because they will kill you and take over your life.

Never heard of one at Waverly Hills, where did you here that.??Do you believe in the 'doppelganger'?
I have not heard of that meaning for doppelganger ~ I thought it was just a look alike person ~Do you believe in the 'doppelganger'?
Yes nana said you were going to see yours soon.

Remember I met her, she came from the other side to warn me to warn you
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